A fire at the Emerson Lane Mall Saturday brought out a large contingent of firefighters.

High River Fire Chief Cody Zebedee says they got a call about the fire just after 11:30 a.m. and were on scene within five minutes to deal with it.

"It was burning the roof decking and roofing materials as well as some structural components up on the roof. crews were able to get a really quick knockdown on it and utilized the ladder truck to get access to the roof and ran some lines off of the ladder to extinguish the fire," he says.

"In total, we had 17 of our own staff involved in the fire as well as one ladder truck from Okotoks that responded as well," he says.

The cause isn't known but he says it appears some work being done on the roof may have contributed to it.

He says there was a fair amount of damage to the building.

"The fire was isolated to the upper skylight, the end of the skylight area of the roof so it ended up burning some of the roof decking as well as some of the structure around the skylight of the building, damaging the skylight itself," Chief Zebedee says. "Fire damage, there was not a substantial amount in comparison to the size of the building however it did create some damage to the roof itself and the roofing material as well as some of the structure around the skylight as well as water damage to the interior of the building."

He says once the fire was out, crews started working to mitigate the loss from water damage, putting up tarps and creating catch-alls to reduce the damage.

The insurance company got the roof tarped before the snow hit on Sunday afternoon.

He says there were no injuries from the original call or to the firefighters who put out the fire.