Unfortunately, High River's hometown favourite Jason Glass wasn't able to win his third Championship title at the Grande Prairie Stompede over the weekend.

His checkered wagon qualified for the final four dash for cash on Sunday (June 2), but he ended up in third, behind Chad Fike with Jamie Laboucane taking this year's title and buckle.

De Winton's Dayton Sutherland also had an excellent final night picking up some day money as he finished fifth with a time of 1:17.35.

Here are the results of the Championship heat.

$41,000.00 Championship Final Heat (By Barrel Selection)

Total Time

1 - Jamie Laboucane - Wild Rows Pump & Compression Ltd. - 1:16.08

2 - Chad Fike - TOMCO Group of Companies - 1:16.85

3 - Jason Glass - Birchcliff Energy Ltd. - 1:18.27

4 - Wade Salmond - VJV Livestock Marketing Group - 1:25.54

The wagons, horses, and riders are now on the move to Bonnyville for the next WPCA event starting this Thursday.