There's going to be a changing of the guard, so to speak, at the Salvation Army in High River.

Last year Lieutenant Chad Cole and his young family transferred to Australia and then long-time member John Arndt stepped up and into the shoes as Ministry Intern.

Arndt is now moving onto greener pastures in Toronto.

"I wouldn't say it's greener pastures, more like high-rises and towers but I am going to school the middle of June and I will be going to be a full-time Salvation Army officer to go into training for that. It'll be different, I'll miss my three-minute drive to work."

Arndt says it's been a long time coming.

"I started with the Salvation Army in 2006 so it's around 17 to 18 years I've been with them. I felt the call to officer ship probably about 10 years ago and it's been a long process and now everything's just fallen into place for it to happen."

The training he's off to do will take some time.

"The training takes two to three years and then I'll be ordained as a Salvation Army officer and then I'll do an additional five years of training outside as being an officer as well. My first appointment will most likely be within Canada and Bermuda territory and after that, I can apply for international moves."

Arndt says he's looking forward to the challenge but he's really going to miss the people here.

"I'm going to miss the staff. The staff that I've got to work with, my congregation that I got to walk alongside for the last 17 to 18 years. It's going to be a difficult transition for them as well for me to say goodbye to them."

Arndt will stay on until the new officers' transition into the role next month.