Calgarians now have renewed access to water, but the City is asking them to take it easy when it comes to water use.

"Today we can deliver some much-needed good news. I'm incredibly pleased to share that indoor water use can now return to normal, and we look forward to slowly restoring outdoor water use as we continue to monitor the system's stabilization process," said Calgary Mayor Jiyoto Gondek during a live update on Tuesday morning.

The City's general manager of infrastructure services, Michael Thompson, explained that the Bearspaw feeder main is being eased back into full use, and asked Calgarians to do the same.

"Just as we are easing into lifting restrictions, we need Calgarians to ease into their water use within their homes. The Bearspaw south feeder main is now back in service for the first time since June 5. The feeder main is operating at 50 per cent capacity as we continue to stabilize the system and we need to reduce the demand we've placed on the Glenmore water treatment plant over the last month. We need Calgarians' support to avoid [putting] too much strain on the system. This means being thoughtful about spreading out your water use needs like not doing all your waiting laundry in one day, but instead doing one load a day for the coming days."

He also stressed that a Fire Restriction is still in effect and outdoor usage still has limitations.

"I want to stress that outdoor Stage 4 water restrictions remain in place. More information on easing outdoor water restrictions will be shared in the coming days as we determine how the system responds to the increased demand."

A few major steps were undertaken to restore the city's water services to near normal in the last couple of days, including crews working tirelessly to flush hydrants to reduce turbidity. The Bearspaw treatment plan was brought back to 50 per cent capacity, and maintenance on the Glenmore plant was undertaken after weeks of working around the clock.

The City continues to monitor the water main for things like pressure changes and breaks, but so far, things are looking promising.

Mayor Gondek had a long list of people and groups to thank, starting with Calgary residents at large.

"I am in absolute awe of the work that all of you did for the last 26 days. For almost an entire month, you have gone above and beyond to keep our water usage low and you ensured that we had safe drinking water during this crisis and that our firefighters, doctors, and nurses were never without the water they needed to do their jobs and I cannot thank you enough for every action you have taken."

She also thanked the provincial government and related organizations like AHS and Alberta Environment and Protected Areas.

Gondek also extended thanks to those who helped directly with repairs and who stepped up to lift Calgarians' spirits.

"To all the contractors, tradespeople, and organizations that made themselves available immediately for dewatering, excavation, and repair work, we could not have done this without all of you," she said. "I also have to thank San Diego for the pipes that were sent our way, and all of the notable people and businesses in the Calgary region who lent your voices to water-saving efforts by offering words of encouragement on social media.

Everyone from Bret the Hitman Hart to Connor at Local Laundry, to the whole Calgary Stampeders organization, and so many more. Sometimes it takes a crisis to remind us how much we can accomplish if communities, elected officials, and governments work together."

Updates on the lifting of outdoor watering restrictions can be expected within the next few days.