It will be quite balmy for Light Up Okotoks this year.

Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Samantha Mauti explains that we will see double digits as an afternoon high.

"We have a high forecast of about 13 degrees Celsius for the afternoon. It should be quite warm to start the day. And pretty sunny and looking like not too much cloud cover," explains Mauti.

South Westerly winds, gusting from 20 km/hr. to 40 km/hr., are expected for the afternoon. They should die off as the evening progresses. 

"We start to see light winds still from the Southwest through the evening time period, but as the sun goes down, of course, temperatures are going to drop off pretty quickly," Mauti says. 

By the end of the night, the temperature will drop down to single digits, with it getting down to the freezing mark by the end of the night.

There is no snow expected in the forecast.

While it may be a little chilly by the end of the night, it is still warmer than it was for Light Up Okotoks last year. Temperatures were hovering around -8 degrees Celsius during last year's event. 

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