Avalanche warnings are in place for Kananaskis Country.

Due to all the recent snow, it's left some areas in K-Country under a level 4 High alert.

With up to 60 cm of snow on some of the upper peaks, it's caused some hazardous conditions.

The Alberta Parks website states "This new snow will now be sitting on top of a mostly firm or melt/freeze crust on all aspects and will likely be a good sliding interface, especially on steeper terrain. This new snow will likely form a soft slab with the warmer temperatures or a wind slab with the forecast winds. Both of these slabs will be sensitive to triggering and have the potential to propagate far."

They ask for your patience before venturing into the backcountry.

The Spray Lakes Road, aka Highway 762, from Grassi Lakes to Goat Creek is also closed until at least Thursday, May 2.

However, it could be extended longer.