Utility bills have been skyrocketing throughout the Foothills and locals have been speaking out about it on social media.

A recent post commented on seniors living on a fixed income.

"Utility bills. Most seniors receive just Old Age Pension which is around $7,400 a year. Maximum CPP is $14,112 a year. So seniors get around $21,512 a year. If both still together and alive that's $43,000 a year. Utility bill in older house $1,100 this month. How is this sustainable? How will they eat? We need to put caps on distribution fees NOW!"

And a recent post also expressed a shock at receiving their recent bill.

"Ok gas/electric last bill 283.63 to 493.46? Come on, are we serious?"

Community members aren't the only ones that have noticed either. Premier Jason Kenney addressed the spike in early February, stating there has been a significant increase.

"We're watching that very closely. And if these prices go significantly higher, we are prepared to provide some support, as has happened in Alberta in the past," he said.

In 2016, the provincial government capped electricity prices for Albertans. However, the cap was scrapped when the new government was elected.

According to energyrates.ca, several factors have had a significant impact on the electricity rate in Alberta. The economy, the 2019 election, and the energy transition, to name just a few.

Alberta electricity hit its highest prices ever in January 2022, above 16 cents/kWh.

If you're looking to make a complaint you can reach out to the Alberta Utilities Commission as well as the Utilities Consumer Advocate

The UCA also shared the 5 reasons your bills have gone up:

  1. Consumption increase
  2. Transmission and distribution charges
  3. Federal Carbon Tax
  4. Energy prices increase
  5. COVID-19 effect

And they recommend you contact your retailer directly or you can call them for more at (403) 310-4822.

There's also an online petition that's almost reached 50,000 signatures in support of lower utility rates at change.org