An expanded Aquatic Centre in High River has moved another step closer.

After getting feedback from the public and the Design Working Group, town council's okayed a design

Mayor Craig Snodgrass says they've taken people's feelings about change rooms into account.

"People definitely wanted more private shower stall areas, more change rooms, they didn't feel there was enough change rooms so we took out a whole bunch of lockers that we felt was overkill on the locker end and we provided more change room facilities and a couple of different options for, you've got your private shower stalls but there's also the open shower stalls that are common at every swimming pool," he says.

poolOption 2 of the pool design was approved by High River Town Council on November 27, 2023

The different configurations allowed for additional change rooms which should help with transitions between groups going into and coming out of the pool.

Snodgrass says once the design is finished it'll go out to tender in the spring and construction should start next year.

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