Foothills Ringette is hosting a "Come Try Ringette" event on April 7, at Centennial Arena from 2:45 to 3:45 p.m.

Jaimie Nelson, former Foothills Ringette President and current Director of Officials, explains that this is a great opportunity for people of all ages to dabble in the sport.

"Four is pretty young but we have had four-year-olds come. All the way up to adults that are over 18 that want to put some skates on and see what it's about or come with their daughter. It's kind of open to all ages, but it's more geared towards the five to twelvish age group. But we won't turn anyone back because we just want to make it fun for everyone," says Nelson.

Nelson has seen all sorts come out and enjoy the fun of ringette over the years, even a little guy came out with his friend who was in a wheelchair to take part in the sport.  

Come try ringette. (Provided by Jaimie Nelson)"Come Try Ringette" (Provided by Jaimie Nelson)

"The last couple of years we have had upwards of 40 kids come out for our events, which is huge for the association. From that we have had about a third of them continue on and sign up with the association" she said. 

With the hour ice time, kids can expect to play all sorts of games while having fun trying out the sport.

"We will do Holding the Ring and play different games like "What time is it Mr. Wolf?" or British Bulldog. Just different kinds of fun games, we don't do a lot of teaching per se. It's just kind of getting the kids on the ice and making it enjoyable for them" Nelson explained.

Nelson hopes that this event continues to bring both boys and girls to the sport. Sticks will be available to those who don't have any but she asks people to bring skates, a helmet, and gloves.