Canada Post has kicked off their annual Canada Post Community Foundation Campaign on Monday (April 29) morning.

This campaign raises money for children's programs across Canada, with proceeds from a special set of stamps going towards the campaign.

As part of the campaign, Canada Post will distribute grants to Canadian charities, schools, and community organizations that make a positive difference in the lives of children.

The special set of stamps and a postage-paid postcard for this year's campaign was designed by Seung Jai Paek and was selected by Canada Post's retail employees.

The stamp features an illustration of a group of animals flying in a hot air balloon.

This is a nod to the Foundation's mission to support young Canadians to reach their dreams and to soar as high as these children can imagine.

On top of money coming from the stamps and postcards, there are other ways that people can donate money to this campaign.

Donations can be made in person at the Post Office, there are grassroots fundraising options, and employee payroll deductions.

Since 2012, the Canada Post Community Foundation has provided $13.5 million to over 1,100 initiatives across Canada, which include literacy and language programs, gender and sexual diversity programs, projects that help Indigenous youth, and more.

10 cents from every postage-paid postcard and $1 from every booklet of stamps goes directly to the Foundation, which will be used to fund those programs.

The Canada Post Foundation is a registered charity and aims to have a positive impact on the lives of Canadian youth.

The stamps and postcard can be purchased at a local post office or online on their website.