Mosquito populations in Okotoks don't seem to be taking a bite out of summer this year.

Populations are low due to the recent hot and dry conditions which has resulted in less standing water to act as breeding grounds for the pests.

Christa Michailuck, Parks Manager for the Town of Okotoks, says the town implemented a mosquito control program a few years ago where they monitor surface waters.

"What we found was that these storm water ponds didn't have hardly any presence of mosquito larvae, probably because that water is constantly moving and deep enough," she explains. "But the surface waters and roadside ditches, very small quantities of water, was where we had quite an abundance of mosquito larvae so we've continued to monitor and treat those areas."

The Town uses a water release product that destroys the digestive track of only mosquito larvae and doesn't harm other aquatic organisms.

Michailuck says there's a few tips for people to help discourage mosquitoes from making themselves at home in their yards.

"People should be cognisant of any standing water they might have in their yards and make sure that gets dumped out at least once a week, and little places they might not realize they have it might be plant trays, these can contain enough water for mosquitoes to reproduce, and kids toys like little buckets and things like that."

She also recommends rain barrels be covered with a screen so mosquitoes can't access them to lay eggs.

Mosquito populations typically taper off by the end of August which is often associated with seasonal dry weather.

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