Both the NDP and a doctor who's served at the High River Youth Clinic are concerned about what they feel is misinformation about the clinic's closure.

A spokesperson for the Primary Care Network said physician staffing couldn't be secured but the physician who's provided clinical services for the last 14 years, Dr. Jennifer Norheim says the primary care network in the past funded physicians to provide clinical services.

But she says AHS made the decision to no longer allow PCN funding for doctors to provide clinical care so doctors can be paid to attend meetings, but not to provide direct patient care.

Dr. Norheim adds the government didn't allow enough time to come up with other funding models and she'd be happy to continue providing care if funding could be secured.

She says due to the unpredictable nature of the clinic, many weeks she would not even make minimum wage nor cover her professional costs in a fee for service model.

Dr. Norheim points out the clinic is being closed by Alberta Health.