The Town of Nanton regulates the trees that are on public property throughout town.

They consider their urban forest an asset that enhances the quality of life in the community, so they manage it through bylaws, policies, community long-term plans, programs, applicable arborist practices, and Municipal Engineering Standards.

Their Public Tree Regulation Bylaw details the regulations and potential penalties around things like the unpermitted removal of trees in public spaces.

The bylaw provides a process that must be followed for any work that could impact at least one public tree in Nanton.

Part of that process is getting a permit to cut or remove public trees in town.

In order for the Town to approve that permit, the tree(s) in question must fit a set of criteria to be approved. 

Some of those criteria include if the tree is endangering the health or stability of other trees, the tree is interfering with or inhibiting the normal development of a more desirable public tree, the tree is undermining or risking damage to the foundations of public or private buildings, or the tree is impacting overhead utility lines were pruning operations are not considered practical.

Part of the approval for the permit may require the applicant to replace any tree they cut down at their expense.

There is a provision that's part of the permit that can be waived, but if it is not, any tree that is cut down must be replaced with two new trees within one growing season.

There are some requirements for the replacement trees as well.

For conifers, the replacement trees must be three metres tall and deciduous trees must be at least two metres above ground level.

For trees that will be in the boulevards and trails, their canopy must reach a maximum spread of six metres (20 feet) and with a minimum six-centimetre caliper (width of the tree trunk at breast height).

The Town of Nanton still has their Westview Private Tree Rebate for those who live in the neighbourhood.

Under that rebate program, trees planted in the front yards of homes in the Westview are eligible for a rebate from the town.

While the Town takes their urban forest seriously, they can only afford to reserve enough money from their budget to plant a maximum of ten new trees per year.

But, if anyone wishes to help grow the urban forest, there is an opportunity to do so.

People can donate trees for the boulevards and parks, with the average cost being $250.

Click here for more information on how to donate a tree to the town.