Despite the weather on Wednesday, hundreds of people turned out for Winter Walk Day.

In High River alone, people flocked to the Bob Snodgrass Rec Plex walking track.

While the numbers are down a bit from last year, Recreation Supervisor Tracy Morgan said it was busy.

"We had a great turnout despite the weather because it was a little doomy and gloomy, we had 5,547 minutes logged here in High River. It means we had a lot of walkers come out which is great and gave us a call and it's all part of the SHAPE Alberta's initiative with this program is to get Albertans out and moving."

SHAPE Alberta is an acronym for Safe Healthy Active People Everywhere.

5,547 minutes adds up to just over 92 hours while last year there were just over 95 hours logged with 5,732 minutes logged.

Morgan also added there were people from all walks of life participating.

"I saw the gamut. We saw moms with strollers, we have a huge amount of people that come between 10 and noon and those are a lot of seniors that come in. So, it was massively busy then and then in the evening we had young moms doing speedwalking. And I have to say even a couple of teens during our teen night did the walk too so that was fabulous."

Morgan would like to remind people that there's never a cost to use the walking track and to check their website to see their schedule.