The Western Grains Research Foundation recently committed $2.7 Million to 22 new research projects through Saskatchewan's Agriculture Development Fund.

Board Chair, Dr. Keith Degenhardt says producers remain committed to investing in agricultural research.

"Since we began this funding partnership with ADF in 2012, WGRF has invested almost $30 million dollars to more than 220 research projects that have undoubtedly improved agricultural systems, technology and agronomic practices for western Canadian farmers.”  

Projects include research into improved varietal resiliency to environmental stresses and disease for wheat, canola, canary seed, pea and barley varieties, as well as research into key agronomic challenges including surveillance and mitigation strategies for diseases such as Fusarium and club root, research into insect population dynamics, and new strategies and inputs to improve crop production.

A full listing of WGRF funded projects will be posted on the website once research contracts are in place.

The Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF) is a farmer-funded and farmer-directed non-profit organization investing in agricultural research that benefits western Canadian producers.

To date,WGRF has invested more than $226 million to support diverse crop research projects.