A family in Diamond Valley has been reunited with their cat after it went missing over a year ago.

Michelle Schellenberg had told her granddaughter Namaia that she may never see her cat Kiki again after the cat went missing from their home in 2022.

Out of the blue, Schellenberg got a call with some incredible news.

"I was in Winnipeg on holiday, and I got a call from SAVE, the vet clinic in Okotoks, someone had brought my cat in. She was completely matted, super mangy, and her back end was open wounds and maggots. She was in pretty rough shape."

A Foothills farmer had taken notice of a cat on his property about four months ago but was never able to get close.

Eventually, he was able to coax the cat into his house, quickly took notice of the state she was in, and brought her into the vet.

The vet was able to identify the cat from an identifying tattoo, and it turned out to be Kiki.

Schellenberg has had Kiki home for a few weeks, and while the cat is a little skittish, she seems thrilled to be back home.

"She's jumpy with loud noises, but she is so happy. I had her on my lap last night and she rolled over onto my back, grabbed my arm with her paws, and just held me. She's so happy to be home."

Namaia was in Saskatchewan when Schellenberg got the call and took Kiki home, so she was able to set up a surprise reveal for her.

"She came in and she caught a glimpse of the food. She was like 'What's this?' I said, 'Never mind, it doesn't matter, let's go see what's in your room.' She opens the door, and the cat runs out underneath her. She turned around, looked at me, and said "You bought me a kitty?' I said "No, it's your kitty.' Then she said, "It's Kiki!'"

Kiki had gotten a new haircut during her stay with the vet, but Namaia soon recognized her friend.

"She was watching the cat and all of a sudden she burst into tears. Just started bawling. I said, 'Why are you crying?' She was like 'I'm so happy and I'm sad. It's happy sadness.' It was the sweetest thing."

Schellenberg says Kiki has been with Namaia through a lot, and she never gave up hope that her friend would come home.

"My daughter passed away and my granddaughter moved in with me, the cat was part of that transition... She literally never stopped praying for this cat to come home."

She's started a GoFundMe page to help pay for the $700 vet bill, which can be seen here.


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