Data continues to be crunched from the significant rain event that's now making its way through the Eastern Slopes, and Albertans are being encouraged to download the government's Alberta Rivers app to monitor the latest updates.

Environment and Parks minister Jason Nixon says no evacuation orders have been issued yet due to potential flood conditions being faced from Red Deer south.

Lisa Jackson, executive director, Environmental Emergency Management Branch, Alberta Environment and Parks, says there are currently 10 high stream flow advisories, 10 flood watches, and about five or six other warnings.

"The information is changing. I know they're working on some right now and we'll see some updates further this afternoon that pinpoint the areas and identify the people impacted."

She says the complicating factor is an above-average snowpack at higher elevations.

"Once the rain starts to fall in those areas, it intensifies and actually gives us a bit of a worse problem. As that snow melts, it increases the water flow."

She says they are providing municipal officials with the most up-to-date information to help them keep their residents safe and to allow them to put their emergency plans in place.

Up to 150mm of precipitation is expected between today and Wednesday.