The Town of Okotoks has announced the purchase of a new vehicle to help municipal enforcement patrol the River Valley.

Protective Services purchased a new electric Polaris Ranger to add to their off-road vehicle fleet.

"Because it's electric and producing half the greenhouses gases of a regular gas engine it's able to be funded through the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre," said Municipal Enforcement Manager Peter Stapley.

The grant means 25 per cent of the pre-tax purchase price will be refunded.

Stapley says the new vehicle should be much more effective than the quads or bicycles they have been using.

"Though both have their advantages, the quads being gas-powered do not fit within the River Valley. They're noisy, and people don't care for them. The Ranger is much quieter, produces half the greenhouse gases, and it has a box on the back if we actually have to haul supplies in or out, it's much more utilitarian for our purposes."

In particular, the hope is that this will give municipal enforcement a little more flexibility.

"It helps us when we're dealing with incidents down in the River Valley, where we actually have to haul stuff out, such as illegal campsites. It'll also help us out at special events when we need to get around."


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