Another successful Phone Calls with Santa!

We got to surprise brother and sister Grayson and Paityn with a big box of their favorite toys!

Paityn raised money from her crafts to donate to Heaven Can Wait and Grayson has been a great friend this year so both were very deserving of some early Christmas presents.

They were both pretty shy but got super excited when they saw what was inside the box on their front door step but we don't blame them for being shy! It can be pretty overwhelming when SANTA himself is on the phone and his Eagle Elves are watching you open presents haha. 

Watch the video below to see all the holiday magic and if you'd like to nominate your child for Phone Calls with Santa click here. 

 Phone Calls with Santa is all thanks to: Calaway Park, Foothills Animal Hospital, Rocky Mountain Honda Powerhouse and Canadian Tire!

~ Shayne on Midday 😁