There's something strange in the neighbourhood, so Turner Valley's gone and called GHOSTBUSTERS!

The newest film in the series is being filmed in the Foothills, more specifically at the Turner Valley Gas Plant.

Turner Valley's Community Services Manager, Monique LeBlanc says she hopes the film will be able to boost tourism to the area.

"That's certainly our hope, is that it would create some exposure for the community and for the historic site as well as the volunteers that work there and work so hard to try and draw attention to it."

As for the time being, some areas will be closed off to residents.

"The Town has put out notification that we've permitted the production crew to set up at what we call Riverside Park." LeBlanc adds "That's the upper level of the day use area just off of Decalta road. It will be barred from any public access, because there will be a number of trailers as well as staff and crew parking."

If you hear a couple of big bangs, LeBlanc says that's all part of the show as well.

"There will be some pyrotechnics from time to time that will be coming from the gas plant area, so should people hear the occasional bang, it's likely related to that and not to worry."

LeBlanc says the town is abuzz with excitement, and happy to host cast and crews.

"Oh, I think like everyone else I'm certainly curious and I hope that the movie is well received and that we do recognize Turner Valley in it!"

Crews are expected to be in the plant until Thursday evening, but they will be filming in Southern Alberta until fall.


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