Operation Cold Start came to a close in Okotoks last weekend.

It's an annual province-wide program intended for the RCMP to educate drivers on the dangers of leaving their idling vehicles unlocked and unattended.

From Jan. 9-12, Okotoks officers were keeping an eye out for vehicles left idling and unattended in order to let drivers know they were susceptible to thefts.

The timing turned out to be ideal, as it landed during Southern Alberta's cold snap when many drivers will have been warming their cars up before braving the roads.

During that time, they found 20 unattended idling vehicles that were left unlocked.

Officers also came across 104 unattended idling vehicles that were secured by making use of remote start.

They also found five garage doors left open.

Luckily, they didn't receive any stolen vehicle complaints during those four days.

The 2024 Operation Cold Start Stats can be seen on the Town of Okotoks Facebook page, along with tips from the RCMP to prevent thefts.