The Town of Nanton will finally be seeing upgrades to their schools.

After almost a decade of advocating for funding for school upgrades, Nanton finally made the list for school enhancements.

"Today marks a significant investment in the future of Nanton and our commitment to education in rural Alberta," said MLA Chelsae Petrovic in a media release from the Livingstone Range School Division on March 5th. "I am proud to announce that the Government of Alberta will be fully funding the Nanton Schools Project."

This funding is part of the Alberta Budget 2024, which allocated $2.1 billion for K to 12 schools projects.

"This monumental decision marks a turning point for Nanton, promising a lasting impact on our community's educational landscape for decades to come," explained Nanton Mayor Jennifer Handley in a separate media release she posted to Facebook on March 5th.

Last spring, the Livingstone Range School Division received some funding from the provincial government to design a new elementary school and an upgraded junior and senior high school.

They project was developed alongside elected officials from the Town of Nanton, M.D. of Ranchland, and the M.D. of Willow Creek.

Back in February, these plans were presented to the public, with the anticipation of receiving feedback from the public.

Those plans included building a brand-new elementary school, and modernizing the current elementary school, which will then become the junior and senior high school.

"Heartfelt gratitude goes out to the Livingstone Range School Division, the Nanton School Enhancement Committee, and our dedicated current MLA Chelsae Petrovic, as well as our previous MLA Roger Reid, for their tireless commitment to enhancing our schools," Mayor Handley stated in the media release.

She adds that this funding doesn't only represent new buildings, but also symbolizes an investment in Nanton's future.

Mayor Handley says that this will empower their community to grow and will help to provide a foundation for students and teachers in Nanton to thrive.

"With these state-of-the-art schools, we are creating an environment that our students can be proud of, ensuring they receive an education that prepares them for a bright future," Handley says.

This development, according to Handley, will help to contribute to the growth of the Nanton community, as well as helping to retain talented students and educators in Nanton.

The school division will complete their design process by December 2024, and by then they will have their construction documents, such as drawings, specifications, and permits, completed.

Once the Livingstone Range School Division receives more information about funding from Alberta Education, they will share their construction plans as they become available.

And as Mayor Handley stated in her media release, "It's a great day for Nanton!" 

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