If you love live music, dancing and fundraising to help out a good cause the Diamond Valley Youth Foundation is having a party.

The Fall Fling '23 Fundraiser is coming up at the Flare n Derrick on Saturday November 4th.

The popular band Haggis will be playing and one of the organizers, mom Tania Rickman said they're doing it to raise $20,000 for the local elementary schools.

"Some of us moms just got together thinking that we could raise a little bit of money for our PTA's (parent teacher association), empowering youth we really want to do and engaging our communities so that we can all thrive together for our future."

Fellow mom and another one of the organizers Claire Rosenau said it's going to be a good time for parents to get a babysitter and come out for some fun.

"So, we decided 'let's have a party' for the adults for the kids."

Not only will there be live music, but they'll have food and drinks for sale and not just a silent auction but also a live one too.  And yes, you need to be 18 or older to attend.

Tickets are $50 each and you can buy them on the Diamond Valley Youth Foundation website.

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