Team Canada, lead by Okotokian team Captain Jordan Hansen weren't able to hoist the PBR Global Cup on Saturday March 5.

Team Canada went 1 for 7 with Hansen's neighbour Brock Radford from De Winton scoring 84 points on Born to Sin.

It was Radford's first ride since sustaining a knee injury in mid-January.

The team picked up $32,500 finishing fifth.

It was Team USA Eagles lead by the world's No. 1 bull rider, Daylon Swearingen putting up two 90-point rides that claimed the 2022 PBR Global Cup Champion title.

They also took the title, belt buckles and bragging rights last year, also held in Texas.

And it's also their third time out of five winning the title including the inaugural event in Edmonton back in 2017.


2022 PBR Global Cup USA, presented by Monster Energy

A&T Stadium – Arlington, Texas

(Rides – Outs – Event Aggregate)

1. Team USA Eagles, 6-7-527

2. Team Brazil, 5-7-433.75

3. Team Mexico, 1-7-89.25

4. Team Australia, 1-7-88.5

5. Team Canada, 1-7-84

6. Team USA Wolves, 0-7-0.00