If you've been fighting with some dust devils lately the Town of High River has some good news.

The street sweeper will start its annual spring cleaning on Wednesday.

The dust, dirt, gravel and everything in between cleanup will start in the Northwest this Wednesday and go right until this Saturday April 22.

They'll switch gears and locations next week moving to the Montrose, SE/NE Central and Emerson Lake areas from April 25-29.

Southwest neighbourhoods will be serviced May 2-6 and the Hamptons and Sunshine Lake areas will be the last areas cleaned and that will run from May 9-13.

Residents need to watch for No Parking signs put up within 24 hours of when the street will be cleaned. 

Mayor Craig Snodgrass also is asking residents to stop sweeping up the gravel and filling up garbage bins and to just be patient for the street sweeper.