Some drivers are having a hard time remembering the speed limit around Millarville School.

Foothills County Reeve Delilah Miller says council's decided to help with that.

"We felt it was a major safety concern so council approved two speed signs with solar panels and those will be moveable so we can move them to other points in the county," she says.

Council was told that during the last traffic study done in June 2022, 1,673 vehicles were observed and 93.5 per cent were travelling above the 30 km/h limit.

There were 224 violations or 44 a day with 18.3 per cent over 20 km/h over the limit.

On one day in that month, 253 vehicles were checked and 41 per cent were speeding.

The average speed was 36 km/h with the highest speed being 61 km/h.

"We will have Bylaw Enforcement come out to make sure people are adhering to the speed limit and hopefully it'll remind people, because sometimes you forget when you go through certain areas what the speed limit is, so this will be a pretty bold reminder for people," Miller says.

The two signs cost about $8,000.