Some people living near Frank Lake are not too happy with a proposed solar farm.

The Foothills Solar Project plans to use 1,500 acres of farmland for the solar panels.

Lacey Cosgrave, who lives near Blackie and right beside the proposed site, has put together a petition against the new project by Elemental Energy.

Cosgrave says she's not against solar power however she doesn't feel it belongs where it's being proposed.

She also says it doesn't respect the current law regarding IBA's (Important Bird Areas).

"A solar farm when Frank Lake is right in its path and the majority of the project is actually within the IBA, an Important Bird Area, when it's supposed to be at least 1,000 metres, one kilometre away."

One of the concerns raised is what's called the 'lake effect' that solar farms can have on waterfowl.

"The birds can interpret the solar panels as water and then they attempt to land on them which results in collisions and then if the panels don't cause them death then lots of them can only take flight from water so they just end up suffering to death or until a scavenger comes along or a predator comes along and gets them."

The petition has over 1,000 signatures so far.

Elemental Energy has yet to make their application to the AUC, the Alberta Utilities Commission. 

Frank Lake, AB