The Okotoks United Church’s School Lunch Program received a welcome boost on Friday (March 1).

They were the recipient of the first 100 Women Who Care Foothills donation of the year.

The program is dedicated to making sure Okotoks students never have to go without.

"We spend about $5,000 a year on lunches. We make about 16,000 lunches and gift certificates a year. We cover families during Easter break, summer break, Christmas break, families that are in higher need get identified and they get doled out," says coordinator Brian Olson.

Each 100 Women Who Care Foothills donation sees a contribution of $100 from each member of the group, who also meet four times a year to decide on which local organization will receive the next donation.

This latest donation totaled $8,200.

"We work very closely with the community. We haven't asked for a dollar since 12 years ago," says Brian. "We get phone calls and people just show up. it's just remarkable what the community does for the children in this community. We're just blessed, honestly. Very blessed," adds fellow coordinator Shannon Olson.

The same goes for volunteers, says Brian.

"Every time we need one, one comes in the door.”

The program also sees some support from the Okotoks Food Bank, which often contributes buns and bread, as well as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, of which several volunteers contribute to preparing and delivering meals.

This was the last cheque presentation for former 100 Women Foothills president Julie Hodge, and the first for new co-chairs Kayla Christensen and Cindy Dorais.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of 100 Women Who Care Foothills can find more information on their website.