A long-time organizer of the High River Christmas light display is taking a break.

Ted Dawson says another couple's stepping up to deal with the lights and displays in George Lane Park.

"Chad and Cathy Lambourne are going to be taking over chairing the lights in the park for me. I'm not going away anywhere, I'll still be grunt labour, but Chad and Cathy are actually taking over the organization of the lights and so on in the park," Dawson explained. "They're really dedicated and have been working with the committee the last few years so it's just one more step."

He hopes that they'll be able to get some new, younger volunteers to help out as well.

"Hopefully with their involvement we'll get more young people involved because a lot of us aren't quite as spry as we used to be and while we can bend down to get the displays in the ground, getting up again is sometimes a bit of a slow process."

Dawson took over the lights and displays in 2014, the year after the flood and has been organizing the Santa Claus parade for 32 years.

He says if someone's willing to take over organization of that event he's willing to talk.