Samaritan's Purse has set up an emergency field hospital in Turkey to help those affected by that devastating earthquake.

Frank King says there are also about 100 disaster response specialists on the ground.

"We've deployed these emergency field hospitals many times before, particularly when things were very bad with COVID, we were in New York and Italy with emergency field hospitals to help those overwhelmed hospitals during COVID and now were in Turkey to help out so many folks because there are thousands and thousands of injured people there in the middle of this horrific tragedy," King says.

He says they've been able to work in Turkey in coordination with the Turkish government.

King says the scenes from the quake-affected areas are just heartbreaking.

"Sometimes it's hard to watch the news in the evening and see the devastation and the emotions of the people who have lost so much there so we are very glad to get these folks there, to get this hospital there and also provide tarps and hygiene items and tents and solar lights for these families at they begin the long, long road to recovery in the middle of winter."

He says they specialize in moving quickly and had people looking at the situation just hours after it happened.

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