Wild Rose Community Connections in High River is continuing the work it started with the pandemic, helping local people have enough food to eat.

Sarah Bruinsma says it's still a much-needed service.

"Obviously food security has been a real crisis over the last six months," she says.

Alberta is actually leading in food insecurity right across Canada, there's been a massive increase, a 75 per cent increase in food bank use in Alberta since 2019 which is double the national rate."

During COVID people were asked to register and call ahead and they'd be given a package of food stuffs, but Bruinsma wasn't sure if it should be continued once the rules were relaxed.

food rescue

"Then we did a survey of everyone that was using the program and most people actually preferred this package system to coming in and shopping and so we've stuck with this package system, so yes, it is a registration program."

If there is someone having a difficult time making ends meet, they can give us a call at 403-336-2893 or email at highriverfoodrescue@gmail.com and we can connect them with some food supports."

All of their programs are now under one roof at 54 - 10th Ave. S.E. in the orange building.