The Climate Action Incentive Payment has received a new name and an increase is on the way.

The now-called "Canada Carbon Rebate" will see $1,800 heading back to Alberta families starting April 1.

According to the Government of Canada, the Canada Carbon Rebate returns fuel charge proceeds to Canadians through direct deposit or cheque every three months to ensure most households get more money back, with lower-income households benefiting the most.

Rural residents will also see an increase to 20 per cent of the rural top-up, compared to the previous 10 per cent. This acknowledges the greater energy requirements and limited access to cleaner transportation options for rural Canadians.

In 2023 payments were made on April 15, July 15, October 15, and January 15, 2024 which is expected to be the same schedule for 2024 and the one 2025 payment. The eligibility requirements will remain the same.

According to the federal government, here is the Canada Carbon Rebate amounts for 2024-25.

AirdrieThis is the total amount after four payments through the year.

This is the total amount after four payments through the year.

Although some Alberta families will see larger rebates, Albertans will also see prices jumping at the pumps. The current federal fuel charge is 14.3 cents per litre, which will be jumping to 17.6 cents.

Just recently, gas prices in Airdrie jumped around 10 cents to the $136.9 range.

In late December, Alberta announced that there would be a partial reinstatement of the provincial fuel tax. 

Since 2019, the pollution pricing program, coupled with the corresponding rebate system, has been operational.

This initiative imposes a fee on greenhouse gas emissions, increasing the cost of burning fossil fuels, with the aim of motivating Canadians to alter their behaviours.