Renters in the Foothills can qualify for provincial rent assistance through Westwinds Communities.

CAO Lauren Ingalls says they've received funding for housing throughout the area they serve.

"The Rental Assistance Benefit is geared to low and modest income households who are currently renting," she explained.

"They can apply for financial assistance, which in the town of Okotoks is up to $800 depending on the number of bedrooms, in the town of High River it's up to $700 depending on the number of bedrooms and in all other communities in the Foothills region, MD of Willow Creek, Vulcan it's up to $550 depending on the number of bedrooms."

Household have to be below a certain income threshold, and they can receive financial assistance to support their rental payments and reduce the rent they have to pay private sector landlords.

It doesn't just apply to a house rental or an apartment or any other form of self-contained housing but also applies to room-and-board or a motel.

Ingalls says a lot of rental properties have been taken off the market by owners who took advantage of a hot market and sold their properties and that's lowered the number of available units and driven prices up.

"We understand that rental rates are accelerating at unprecedented levels right now and renters are finding it very hard to not only afford existing rental accommodations but to find them and so we've received some addition support from the provincial government for rental assistance benefits and so with the additional funding we believe we can house an additional 40 to 45 household within the Foothills Region, County of Vulcan and MD of Willow Creek."

The soft launch of their Drakes Town project continues through this month and next with ten units there.

For more information you can contact Westwinds Communities.