The High River RCMP have a pair of open houses coming up this month.

The first was held last week in the northwest and the second goes on Tuesday night (Feb. 10).

Constable Brett Foley says it's a chance to meet with local first responders.

"It's in conjunction with our friends at the fire hall so the RCMP will be doing a presentation first, just with our stats for the year prior, and then the fire hall will follow up with theirs," she says.

"It's dedicated to the RCMP and Bylaw, just if you've had any interactions with us and what your experiences are," Cst. Foley says.

Constable Manny Kaler says if you have questions about the way an interaction has gone you can always reach out.

It goes at the Full Gospel Church from 6-8 p.m.

The final open house is on Feb. 28 for residents in the south part of town.