Last week, RCMP responded to a call from EMS about an unresponsive male from Siksika First Nation.

After an autopsy was performed on April 25, the male's death was deemed a homicide.

The RCMP performed an investigation and identified who they believed was involved with the homicide. 

They then laid charges on those who they believed to have taken part in the death of 59-year-old Clayton Redgun from Siksika First Nation.

The RCMP charged Ritchie Lance Bearhat (27) of Siksika Nations with second degree-murder on Friday, April 26, but had asked for the public's assistance in locating the second person they believe to have been involved.

They had put out an arrest warrant for second degree-murder for 20-year-old David Bruce Drunkenchief of Siksika Nation, and had asked people to call police immediately with information about Drunkenchief's whereabouts and to not approach him.

On Sunday April 28, the RCMP announced they had safely arrested Drunkenchief, and they thank everyone for their assistance.