A cow got loose this afternoon (May 10) and was hoofing it around the Town of Nanton.

At about 1 p.m., Nanton RCMP received a few calls from residents about a cow on the loose in the Western part of Nanton, close to the RCMP detachment.

"It had escaped from a local property. It was a heifer that just gave birth, and it was pretty defensive towards people," explained Corporal Tom Nairn, who is Detachment Commander of the Nanton RCMP. "It had charged one person, but nobody was injured throughout the whole incident."

With the help of Nanton residents and a Nanton Bylaw Officer, they were able to get the cow into someone's yard and kept it there until a vet arrived.

"Ended up tranq-ing the cow. At which point it did take off 26 Ave Eastbound. So, we just held a long eye on it until we could get it cornered off into a farmer's field," said Cpl. Nairn.

From there, they eventually got the cow into a farmyard.

The RCMP had to leave the scene prior to the cow getting taken away from the farmer's field, but when they left, they were still waiting for the tranquillizer to take effect so they could get the cow home.

The incident with the cow ended around 1:30 p.m.

Luckily, there were no injuries, and the only reported damage that occurred in town was a chain-link fence.

"Ended up with the best outcome and safest for the community here."