The second annual Showcase High River put on by the High River Chamber of Commerce Showcase was this past Saturday (March. 2).

With many people curious about the businesses around High River, it was a great way to introduce the community to businesses they may not know are available.

The town of High River was also present to let the residents know about other programs that are around town.

Lisa Szabon-Smith, Executive Director with the High River Chamber of Commerce explained what the Showcase accomplished.

"I think the name gives it away, we are showcasing High River. So, we are showcasing all the different businesses, the different resources we have, and our residents are curious for that, and they want to develop a relationship with those businesses. This is a great place to do that without feeling like they have to physically walk into or make an appointment with those businesses. They get to meet them in person here and chose how they will interact moving forward" Szabon-Smith explained.

In terms of numbers turning up at the second annual showcase, and the wild weather, Szabon-Smith was happy with the amount of people who showed up.

"We are very happy with the turnout; the weather is against us. But it's not snowing inside, and we have got near 200 people through the doors. We will take that as a win."