Two magnificent ice sculptures were carved on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in downtown High River.

World renowned ice sculpture artist Scott Harrison from Calgary wowed the crowds throughout the afternoon as he carved a giant horse rearing up on his hind legs.

Crowds were busy taking photos and watching the magic happen as he transformed a huge block of ice into an amazing piece of art. 

You can see it for yourself just across the street from Colossi's on 4th Ave SW. 

And another block of ice was turned into a giant dragon, fitting with Saturday being the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Dragon.

You can't miss it on 3rd Ave. SW as its right beside Maggie's Diner. 

While people crowded around the ice carvers watching them create their magic other people were congregating in the Highwood Centre.

The Rotary room was filled with photos and stories printed off on large placards as fellow residents shared what they love about High River.

And the Town of High River thanked them back by offering up complimentary appetizers and light refreshments. 

Families, two or three generations deep were often overheard sharing stories about what makes High River so magical.