When it comes to drainage problems, ratepayer expectations are too high says an official from the M.D. of Foothills.

Director of Publics Works and Engineering, Michel Savard says he wants to send a clear message, the M.D. is not responsible for drainage issues on private land.

Savard says while this message is harsh and rarely well received, the M.D. has no place dealing with issues on private property.

Calls for help with drainage issues from private landowners are overwhelming his Department says Savard.

He says his department has enough on their plate just taking care of drainage issues on public property.

Savard does encourage the public to call if there is an issue on M.D. property.

He says property owners need to take responsibility for proper maintenance to avoid drainage issues.

This goes for both rural and urban properties says Savard.

Savard says says keeping culverts and downspouts clear, moving snow away from window wells and keeping sump pumps in good working order are just some of things a property owner can do to keep water away from their home.

He also suggests, if the water is from a neighbouring property, working with that neighbour to resolve the matter is the best alternative.