Something new and something old is coming to High River in the new year.

Tracy and Chris Bohning are behind a new pool hall, but she says it's more than that.

"So were opening a pool, VR (virtual reality) and games room, so we'll have pool tables VR gaming for the mid-younger crowd and then we'll have a lot of video games as well. We'll have seating we'll have a bar, it'll be open to all ages," she says.

Bohning says they've always wanted to open something that all ages could enjoy.

"My kids are going to be the ones that are pretty much involved in it (VR). We'll have two stand-alone stations where they can experience VR in a ten-by-ten square and then we'll have five treadmills they are stand alone, you're strapped in and you just run around and play the game on those machines, so it'll be a different experience."

They're still at the beginning of set up.

"We're just starting to get all of the construction done, there's not much to do in here, a little bit of paint and stuff like that, building a bar, getting all of our inventory in the place," she says.

"We're hoping to finish in January and then we can get all our permits so we're hoping to open maybe in February, latest beginning of March."

They'll be located in the mall between Shoppers Drug Mart and Scotiabank and will be called 'Sticks and Bones'.

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