A beloved Okotoks restaurant will soon be passed on to new owners.

Sweetgrass Deli has been a fixture on Elizabeth Street for over 10 years, becoming a regular breakfast and lunch spot for many Okotokians.

Tomorrow (April 20), founders Monika and Roland Griesser are holding a "Sold" party alongside incoming owners Christine and Aaron Bruce.

Aaron is likely a familiar face to longtime Okotokians.

"I've lived all my life here in Okotoks, born and raised here. My father was here for 32 years, he owned Brushstrokes Signs here in Okotoks, he made the Welcome to Okotoks signs back in the day."

He's been in the restaurant industry for 16 years, meeting his wife Christine in the process while working up north.

Christine, who is originally from Nova Scotia, says they didn't have to think long about the prospect of purchasing the business.

"We saw it was for sale, we've been looking to be in Okotoks as opposed to the city, closer to home, and when we saw it we loved the place, so here we are."

For Aaron, it was a chance to carry on an Okotoks legacy in a few ways.

"I lost my dad at the end of September and it really made me rethink what I wanted to do, how I wanted to have a business in Okotoks, same as my father did for 29 years. Sweetgrass seemed like the perfect spot. Christine and I were sitting here at this exact table having breakfast and I looked around the room saying 'Oh that person knows my dad, my dad did work for that person.' It just made total sense. Two days later, we reached out to Roland, set up a meeting, had a bunch of conversations, and started working on it."

The legacy of the deli itself is something the Bruces will look to preserve.

"We don't want to change anything here at Sweetgrass, everything they have going for them already is perfect, it's truly a local spot, it's filled with locals every day. Lots of conversation about community in here, which is great. It's close to the heart, it's part of Okotoks."

Roland says they had a few offers for prospective owners but settled on the Bruce's because of their local connection and desire to preserve the longstanding community connection that's been fostered there over the years.

"It's very family-oriented. We've got big support from customers who come every day... Larry comes every day, Bearcat Murray came every day... They're our extended family. We're from Europe, so all the Sweetgrass customers became our extended family. And it's a family business, it's not a corporation, it's not another Starbucks, it's really hands-on."

Aaron and Christine have been working alongside the Griessers at Sweetgrass for about a week now during a transitionary period.

Christine says they already feel welcomed.

"I've met so many people who've said 'Oh, I knew your father-in-law. I've known Aaron since he was this big,' so I'm excited and really thankful for the transition because if we didn't have it, I'd be lost."

The former and new owners will be working at the deli together for another week or two before the deli is fully handed over.

As for what's ahead for the Griessers, they'll be taking things one step at a time starting with a restful summer, said Monika.

"We will stay in Okotoks and take a summer off, which has always been a dream of ours. Roland was born and raised in the hotel and restaurant industry so he never had a summer off. For me too, it was always our dream to take a summer off. We'll see after that. New inspiration and new energy, and we'll go from there."

She says they'll never forget the people who cared about Sweetgrass just as much as they did all these years.

"We're very thankful, we've had wonderful support all those years and we felt very welcome also. Like we said, it felt like family. The customers showed up and we showed up for them. It was amazing."

The Sold Party is scheduled for 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 20.