Nanton has a new Fire Chief.

Town Councillor John Dozeman is now wearing two hats for the town and says they went through their checks and balances to ensure it was okay.

"Still sitting on council and so we checked out a few things to make sure that I was able to be the fire chief as well as so here I am."

Dozeman used to be the fire chief up to 2017 but stepped down to run for town councillor.

He didn't initially run in the 2021 municipal election but decided to run in a by-election after longtime councillor Terry Wickett passed away.

As far as his work with the fire department, well he was born into it.

"My parents joined the fire department back in '79.  It's been in our family for a very long time. My dad was a fire chief and then I joined shortly after my 18th birthday and my brother's been a part of the fire department.  So, it's been a family thing. My mom ran the ambulance service when the Town of Nanton still had the ambulance service."

Dozeman says they're looking for more volunteer firefighters. You can contact the fire department for more information.