Okotoks is hosting the Mother's Day Classic and has three local teams that are currently competing, with the 18U Okotoks Dawgs Black and Red Teams as well as the 16U Dawgs team.

The tournament started yesterday (May 9) and goes until Sunday (May 12), with Pool A and Pool B divisions.

In Pool A, the Dawgs 18U Black team has been steamrolling their competition so far winning both their games to start with a 2-0 record and have outran their opponents 20-3 in scoring through the first two games.

As for Pool B, the Dawgs 18U Red and Dawgs 16U squads have both split their first two games with both holding records of 1-1 so far. Dawgs 18U Red have pulled even in scoring with 8 runs getting across Homeplate and letting 8 runs score against them. The Dawgs 16U team is putting up a fight scoring 14 runs and allowing 17 runs to score against.

Pool A teams are Dawgs 18U Black, Webber College Prep, University of Calgary JV, and ATHX Academy.

As for Pool B teams that are competing, AHP Renegades, Dawgs 18U Red, Dawgs 16U, Calgary Bucks, and Badlands Academy.