Foothills County locals were surprised with some snow this morning.

It wasn't long-lived and much of it has now vanished, but there's more on the way this evening.

A second cold front is expected to roll through, bringing snow or possibly rain.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Janelle Gergley says it depends on what the temperature is when the precipitation hits.

"Depending on the temperature when that front moves through, it might initially fall as rain or as snow right away. That cold front is quite conductive so we might see some accumulation with that. We're thinking 5-10 cm but it might be locally higher as that swings through."

She expects it will last six to eight hours, ending overnight.

With freezing temperatures expected overnight, it will definitely make for a slippery morning commute.

Things will start to look up on Wednesday though.

"As we get into Wednesday, we're back into a westerly wind, and it'll warm right back up. Normal for this time of year is -1 so we're sitting quite a bit above normal when we get into the late week/weekend area."

With that said, the temperature will dip into the negatives overnight throughout the week, which could bring freeze/thaw conditions depending on how much snow and ice is still around.