Opponents of a proposed biodigester west of High River aren't very happy with a couple of MLAs.

Ag Minister RJ Sigurdson and Environment Minister Rebecca Schultz recently were hosted at Rimrock feeders and came away singing their praises.

In a Facebook post, Sigurdson wrote "Today I joined Ministers Rebecca Schultz, Nate Horner and Joseph Schow for a tour of the Rimrock Feeders facility in Longview. Great to see first hand the hard work that gets put into the quality and sustainability of Alberta’s world-renowned beef."

In her Facebook post, Rebecca Schultz wrote "Thanks to Rimrock Cattle for hosting us for lunch and a tour of the feedlot & bio-digester. 
As Minister of Environment, it’s great to see all of the innovation happening right here in Alberta… and ag is no exception as reducing methane emissions while producing an enhanced fertilizer is a win-win.

It was also a fantastic opportunity for my colleagues and I to meet with representatives from the Canadian Cattle Association, the Western Stockgrowers and others."

Biogester opponent Benita Estes says it feels like a slap in the face.

"It's in the process with AEPA (Alberta Environment and Protected Spaces) to be determined if it's to be approved or not approved and for her (Rebecca Schultz) to just come out and start spewing off about the biodigester project that hasn't even been approved yet."

Estes says they've invited the ministers to come and visit with the people who oppose the project but haven't been taken up on the offer.

"Ever since then there's probably been about 20 e-mails that have gone to her asking her to come down and visit with the residents and actually get a whiff of what they have to deal with....I know it's easy to clean up and pour perfume all over everything to camouflage the smell but she's not living in High River on a continual basis and being held hostage in her home because you can't open your windows and you can't enjoy your porch or anything outside."

She says all they can do is to keep the battle going and prepare for whenever the division on the biodigester comes down and prepare to appeal if it doesn't go their way.