A Calgary man faces a long list of charges after a three-month investigation by Cochrane RCMP and the Southern Alberta District Crime Reduction Unit.

Matthew Grouette, 35 years old, was arrested in connection with a number of high-end break-and-enters in Foothills and Rocky View Counties.

RCMP say they identified a suspect during their investigation and searches were carried out at a Calgary home and a storage locker.

They were able to recover:

·         Clothing believed to have been worn in two of the break and enters
·         Over $200,000 worth of stolen jewelry
·         Stolen identity documents
·         Stolen credit cards and passports
·         5 firearms and ammunition
·         Watches, designer clothing and bags
·         A stolen Ducati motorcycle, a stolen Ford F-150 and a white Audi Q5, believed to have been used in all the break and enters

Grouette faces several charges:

         5 counts of Break and enter and theft
·        Possession of stolen property obtained by crime over $5000
·        Unauthorized possession of a firearm
·        3 counts of Breach of probation 
·        Unsafe storage of a firearm

Grouette's been remanded into custody and will appear in Cochrane Provincial Court on November 29th.  


RCMP spelled out the timeline of events in a news release:

On Aug. 11, 2022, Cochrane RCMP were dispatched to a break-and-enter in progress at a residence in Rocky View County. During this break-and-enter, the homeowner's truck and a large quantity of jewelry were stolen. A few months later, a male, believed to be the accused, purchased a vehicle with a cheque that had been stolen from that residence.

On Oct. 15, 2022, Cochrane RCMP investigated a break-and-enter at a residence in Rocky View County. During this break-and-enter, suspects stole a large quantity of cash and many expensive pieces of jewelry. Video surveillance at this residence showed the suspects and the vehicle they were travelling in.

On Oct. 20, 2022, Turner Valley RCMP investigated a break-and-enter at a residence in Foothills County, where the suspect kicked in the garage side door. Suspects stole a large quantity of jewelry and a safe with a quantity of money inside. Again, video showed the suspects and their vehicle.

On Oct. 23, 2022, Cochrane RCMP responded to a break-and-enter at a residence in Rocky View County. Video showed the same suspects and same suspect vehicle involved.

On Nov. 3, 2022, Cochrane investigated yet another break-and-enter in Rocky View County. Suspects broke off the lockbox on the front rails of the residence as it was for sale. The residence was ransacked, and multiple high-dollar jewelry items were stolen. Video showed the same suspects and suspect vehicle were involved.

On Nov. 9, 2022, Turner Valley RCMP received a report of a residential alarm at a Foothills County residence. Police attended and confirmed the house had been unlawfully entered. Tire impressions located on scene were identified to a particular make/model of tires, which were later confirmed to be consistent with the suspect vehicle tires. 

On Nov. 15, 2022, Cochrane RCMP responded to a break-and-enter at a residence in Foothills County where suspects pried open the front door. Many pieces of valuable jewelry were stolen. Later that day, police received multiple reports of two suspicious males prowling residences in the early morning hours, in the same area of the previous break-and-enter. One of the males was caught on video surveillance and was identified as Grouette by an officer.


They say the charges that resulted in these investigations highlight the value of both good quality video surveillance and effective collaboration by Cochrane RCMP, Turner Valley RCMP, Calgary Police Service and Southern Alberta District investigators.