The summer farmer's markets are finally ready to roll.

Once again in High River, Inclusion Foothills will run the Thursday afternoon farmer's market downtown along 4th Avenue.

Executive Director Orvella Small says this year they're opening on the first day of Summer.

"When the market opens then we know summer's here. For High River that starts June 20th, downtown on 4th Ave. We're quite excited, you wait and you wait and you wait...and now it's here."

It is also an Alberta Farmer's Market, which means at least 80 per cent of the vendors must either bake, grow or make their products in Alberta.

Small says they have a lot of returning vendors but there's always room for more.

"Absolutely and we expect to grow it as always and once again an Alberta Farmer's Market. So, all the same things apply as did before. You know I think that it's really important to mention that the Town of High River is behind us 110 per cent."

The market will run on Thursdays from 3:30-6:30 p.m. starting Thursday, June 20 and going until September 12.

High River Farmer's Market poster (Facebook)