We've had a cold start to the week, and it's only going to get colder.

Because of that, local school divisions are reminding families to watch for bus route cancellations.

Both Christ The Redeemer Catholic Schools (CTR) and the Foothills School Division (FSD) have released notices to let families know how these conditions could affect transportation.

This week started off chilly, and another plunge is expected in the coming days, with lows of around -42 expected by Friday.

FSD's release mentioned how these freezing temperatures can affect vehicles as well as roads.

"Every effort is made to establish that our buses are sound for travel; however, very cold temperatures are not favourable for our bus engines to start and stay running. Inclement weather can also lead to unsafe road conditions. "

Parents are encouraged to arrange for alternate means for children to get to and from school safely should a bus route cancellation occur.

They're also reminding families that children should be dressed for the weather, and that young children shouldn't be left alone at bus stops in colder conditions.

CTR and FSD both post bus route updates on their websites.