Finlay Knox wasn't far behind his personal best swim time at the Olympics Wednesday, July 28.

Todd Melton, his coach with the Okotoks Mavericks, knew from the start that Knox was destined for big things in the world of swimming.

"Instantly I knew Finlay was going to be great. It's like I've never seen anything like that before in a kid."

"I can say this now. I've been keeping this secret for a while. I went to my then president and I said, 'That kid is going to go to the Olympics one day,' and he was only seven. And he gave me the typical response of somebody who would say that, like, 'Oh, you're crazy. He's so young,' and et cetera. I just always saw something special in Fin."

Knox's parents, Alasdair and Abby Knox are so proud of all that he's accomplished and at how well he copes with the intensity of the competition.

"I was a high-level athlete myself back in the day, and I didn't cope with the pressure and the nerves anywhere near as well as he does. So he really amazes me, how well he performs under those high-pressured situations," says Abby.

Finishing 6th in heat four and 17th overall, Knox just barely missed the cut for the semifinals which takes the top 16 swimmers from six heats.

Locals gathered at 94 Take the Cake at 5 a.m. to cheer him on, and the whole experience is sure to be something none of them soon forgets.


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