The Kin Canada National President Jennifer Burry made her way through Okotoks Tuesday, April 26.

It's part of her role to travel and visit different clubs and members throughout the country. Her stop in Okotoks however included a little extra. 

She had the honour to hand out one of the very first Kinsmen National Presidents Commendation Awards to Okotoks Kinsmen president Mike Rocheleau.

"I was very inspired by his impact on others on both the member that nominated him but also what he's been doing in the community, that's huge."

In the presentation, he was commended for his service within and outside the organization, the growth the club has seen and the success of the Okotoks Show and Shine which brought 15 thousand visitors to the downtown and raised over $20,000 for charity.

mike listens to the nomination for his award Okotoks Kinsmen president Mike Rocheleau listening to the nomination. 

Rocheleau felt humbled by the award. 

"I'm a second-generation Kinsman in my family, so somebody that was able to give back in 2 generations and I've been able to invite my son into the organization too so to be able to continue giving back and still have a passion for it even though it's been 12 years. I think, you know, I can only imagine what the next 12 years are going to do."

Rocheleau also organized a baseball tournament to raise funds for the local hospice in memory of kin members and their families. Making sure residents are well cared for in their final days and that their memories and service to their community will not be forgotten.

Learn more about the Okotoks Kinsmen on their website.